the teresa escober chen piano studio



***Registered students - refer to the hard copy of the Studio Policy for complete policy details and calendar of events given at the time of registration.  Information below is for general overview only.


lesson schedule       


  • Lessons are weekly and one hour (or more) in length
  • During a Studio Holiday the Studio will be closed; no lessons will take place
  • Dates regarding Studio Holidays will be announced in advance
  • Lessons can not be refunded or credited (see rescheduling below)


tuition & payment

Tuition reflects private lessons (13 per term) year-round.  Tuition is non-refundable and is prorated for new students entering after the start of a term. The Studio accepts cash or check payments.


There are two payment plans available – Full Term or Monthly. Tuition is due the first day of each term for the Full Term Plan or the 1st of each month for the Monthly Plan.  

at the lesson

Students’ scheduled lessons are reserved especially for them, so they are expected to arrive on time and be picked up promptly afterward. Students arriving late to their lesson will not receive extra time for the time they missed.


  • Students must wash their hands before each lesson

  • No shoes, food, drinks, or gum allowed inside in the Studio at any time

  • Parents, guardians, and/or siblings of students may not sit in during the lesson


Lessons cannot be refunded or credited. However, if a scheduled lesson poses a time conflict, the lesson may be rescheduled.  Rescheduled lessons are allowed up to 3 per term.  After the third reschedule in a term, no other lesson can be rescsheduled, regardless of time conflict.


For a lesson to be rescheduled, the teacher must be notified at least 24 hours before the student's scheduled lesson time (e.g. scheduled lesson is Monday at 2:00 pm, 24-hour notice by Sunday 2:00 pm).  Less than 24 hours notification or no-shows will not be rescheduled and the student will forfeit the lesson.


Once a lesson reschedule is confirmed, it cannot be further rescheduled, regardless of reason or student attendance.

Teresa E. Chen,

Master of Music (MMus)

Professional piano teacher in Northern Orange County, offering private piano lessons for children (from preschool) and adults.

National Guild/SYMF.
The Teresa Escober Chen Piano Studio provides a structured and nurturing environment for the student to develop an appreciation of music and love for playing the piano.