the teresa escober chen piano studio


The Studio trains students to develop an appreciation for music and love for playing the piano, so that in music and piano, they can always find pleasure, inspiration, and comfort throughout their lives - and to share them with others as well.  Every lesson is spent in this pursuit.


A great deal of thought and planning goes into their lesson curricula, keeping in mind their particular abilities (physically and mentally), temperaments, interests, and age.  Students' assignments will ultimately strengthen their musical understanding, technical facility, and artistic sensitivity - traits necessary for an intelligent and thoughtful musician.


There is great potential in every student to be successful in piano.  The Studio can help the student reach it, but the student has to want it and work hard for it too.  Most importantly, the student must be patient and persistent with themselves, because in piano there is no such thing as cramming or taking shortcuts.  The Studio expects all students to put their best effort in their practice and preparation for each lesson and for every performance.

All lessons are private, one-to-one and take place at the Studio, or in student's homes on a limited basis in Northern Orange County. 

the piano studio

The Studio contains a Steinway D concert grand and is equipped with a professional digital recording system, computer music lab, and a growing library of music literature and reference materials that are there for the students to use.

It is to the student's benefit to have lessons at the Studio rather than in their home, because they will be better at the following:


Behavior:  It is only natural that children feel comfortable in their own familiar surroundings at home.  This sometimes causes students to not take lessons as seriously, because they are just in their living room (or even in their pajamas!).  The Studio is set up for optimal learning, motivation, and structure.


Concentration: Students will be able to concentrate better without distractions from normal home activities (siblings playing nearby, hearing the TV in the next room, etc.) 


Technique and Ear Training: Students will inherently learn that no two pianos are alike in both sound and touch.  They need experience adjusting to different kinds of pianos - developing their listening skills (Are all the notes I'm playing clearly heard?  Is there a good balance between the melody and accompaniment?) and execution (I need to press harder for all the notes to come out.  I should not play as heavy, because the keys on this piano are very light.).  If they play on the same piano at home during practice and during lessons, then it will be very difficult for them to perform on "strange" pianos; they also might get frustrated (I can play this perfectly at home!  Why am I having such problems playing this now?).  Coming to the Studio students have the opportunity to play on the finest pianos (as described above), which will help them be well-prepared for performances, auditions, and competitions. 

pre-registration information

New students joining the Studio are welcome year-round.   Please fill out the student interview request form on the contact page to convey your interest.  The interview will take place at the Studio, and as always, is free of charge.  Registration information and tuition details will be discussed during the interview process, as well as:    


For the adult student: we will review your musical goals, expectations, and interests.  If your are not a beginner, then be prepared to perform 2-3 contrasting pieces (memorization not required) and bring all your music books currently in use.  For the parent of a child student: we will review you/your child's musical goals, expectations, and interests.  If s/he is not a beginner, then s/he should be prepared to perform 2-3 contrasting pieces (at least one from memory) and should bring all music books currently in use.  If you are (or your child is) unable  to do these, please explain prior to the interview.  Students will also be evaluated in theory, sight-reading, and ear training, as applies.  

student performance

Studio Workshops: The Studio workshop is an informal performance setting, where students can develop their performance skills with a supportive audience (Studio students) and hone their listening skills as part of the audience. Attendance to Studio workshops is required as an extension of the students' individual lessons. 

Studio Recitals: All students participate in Studio recitals.  This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments with family and friends.

Other Student Recitals: Throughout the year, students have other opportunities to perform at non-Studio student recitals, hosted by Studio-affiliates such as the Music Teachers' Association of California (MTAC) and the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)/California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT). These are special opportunities for students to gain more experience in performing and in musical listening. These recitals are open to the public, so families and friends are welcome to attend.

student evaluation

Studio Evaluation: Each term, parents will receive Studio evaluations of their students. The purpose of the written evaluation is to keep parents informed of their students' effort and progress, in areas such as attendance, practice schedule, technique, theory, repertoire, workshop, and performance. Parents are encouraged to contact the teacher at any time with questions or concerns regarding their students' piano studies.


Certificate of Merit (CM) Evaluation: Sponsored by the Music Teachers' Association of California (MTAC), this comprehensive adjudication takes place each year, covering performance, technique, ear training, sight reading, and written theory. Taking part in CM is an excellent way for students to stay motivated throughout the year and encourages them to build on their musical foundation. CM is judged by state-appointed evaluators who may select students to perform in special honors recitals, based on merit. 


National Guild Audition: The goals of the Guild audition (sponsored by the National Guild of Piano Teachers) is to give focus and direction to students' piano studies and to provide a measurement for progress. Students have the opportunity to participate in this annual adjudication, where they are judged on individual merit in the areas of accuracy, continuity, phrasing, pedaling, dynamics, rhythm, tempo, tone, interpretation, style, and technique. Students who participate in the audition become a member of the National Fraternity of Student Musicians and receive an award pin, certificate, and report card each year.

musical field trips

The Studio, on occasion, will coordinate a musical field trip for students to attend a live concert together, along with their families. Beforehand, students will have the opportunity to learn about the composer(s) and pieces in the concert program to enhance their listening experience in a meaningful way. This is a fun way for students to enjoy music together with their Studio peers and families.

music materials

The Studio will purchase music materials for students. The Studio invoice will reflect purchase of materials at the cost price, plus tax and shipping, when applicable. Cost of music materials varies, depending on the student’s musical level, the editorial quality of the publication, and how quickly a student masters the lesson material.

Teresa E. Chen,

Master of Music (MMus)


Professional piano teacher in Northern Orange County, offering private piano lessons for children (from preschool) and adults.



National Guild/SYMF.


The Teresa Escober Chen Piano Studio provides a structured and nurturing environment for the student to develop an appreciation of music and love for playing the piano.