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The Music Teachers National Association is an advocate of music study and music making.  Below it discusses the importance of music for all students and all ages, which students and their families will find helpful.


Students taking music lessons now will determine the place of music in America and the value society places on music tomorrow.  Regardless of what these students ultimately choose as a profession, music making will remain a part of their lives, whether it's listening to music, attending concerts or serving as leaders in arts associations, and community and church music programs.


Benefits of Music Study:


  • Hearing music stimulates the mind.
  • Music instruction enhances abstract reasoning skills.
  • Grade school students who took music lessons generally scored higher on cognitive development tests.
  • In older people, music helps lower depression and decreases loneliness.
  • Playing an instrument strengthens eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.
  • Music lessons teach discipline, dedication and enable students to achieve goals.1
Why start music with young children?
Children are born with a natural connection to rhythm and music, the heartbeat and the melodic intonation of the mother's voice.  Early childhood is the ideal time to surround the child with the building blocks of music - melody, harmony, pitch, volume, rhythm, steady beat, timbre, tempo, contour, duration.  Surrounding the young child with music activities through play, exploration and interaction utilizes nearly all parts of the brain.2

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Teresa E. Chen,

Master of Music (MMus)


Professional piano teacher in Northern Orange County, offering private piano lessons for children (from preschool) and adults.



National Guild/SYMF.


The Teresa Escober Chen Piano Studio provides a structured and nurturing environment for the student to develop an appreciation of music and love for playing the piano.